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When registering users Icares asks to enter personal data. Some data are mandatory, so that, for example, test and search results can be saved. Other personal data are optional and can therefore be skipped. The mandatory data are marked with an asterisk. Below is stated wich data we collect, how we handle the data and how we use it. Questions and comments can be emailed

Information is collected, used and transferred as described below. Previously given consent for the use of data can be withdrawn at any given time by sending an email to

After the withdrawal of consent, the account and the associated personal data are removed from our databases. Please note that this has consequences for the use of the Icares websites. Icares, established at Schimmelt 30, 5611 ZX Eindhoven, is responsible for processing personal data stated in this privacy statement.

Contact details:

Schimmelt 26
5611 ZX Eindhoven
040 2395590


Personal data we process

Icares processes personal data if you use our service and/or because you provided us with this information. Personal data are needed to provide our services, answer questions, manage our websites and provide a positive user experience. Below we give you an overview of the personal data we process: (data with a * are required when creating an account on

• First and Last name *
An account is registered to a personal e-mail account. This is necessary in order to communicate. If explicit consent is given, we share the first and last name with third parties in order to conduct research and analysis and/or for the approach by educational organizations.

• Gender *
Some tests depend on the gender, when taking the test and for the communication.

• Date of birth *
• Country *
• Postal code
• Nationality *
• Highest level of education
• Academic year

Some tests use norm groups. In addition , the above charaterisctics are relevant. The given data can also anonymously be used to form new norm groups and conduct research. Under strict conditions, third parties can use this data to conduct research of education-related subjects and study choise issues.

• Language *
We prefer to speak to people in their native language. Especially when taking a test it is important to really understand the questions and therefore be able to work in a langue you understand well.

• Phone number
The phone number is only stored to make direct contact between consultants and clients easy (Icares Professional). Icares never provides phone numbers to third parties.

• E-mail address
An account is attached to an e-mail address. It is also important for the communication that a functioning e-mail address is known. The e-mail address can be provided to third parties when specific approvement is given. Third parties can be educational organizations (to provide information about open days or courses) or to research agencies to conduct research about study choices.

• Data about activities on our website
Icares collects information about the way our website is used in order to optimize our service. (this information stays anonymous)


Special and/or sensitive data we process

Icares processes the following special and/or sensitive personal details about you:

• Data about persons under the age of 16
Strict standards apply to the processing of personal data of persons under the age of 16. Our goal is not to collect personal data about these users of our website, however, it is not unusual that persons younger than 16 are occcupied with making study choices. Users under the age of 16 therefore need permission from a parent/guardian to create an account on If accidentally data has been collected of a minor, please contact us through The personal data will then be deleted as soon as possible.

• Profile picture
A picture does not have any direct function on the website, but can increase the recogninizability between a consultant and a client. This is why the option to upload a profile picture is offered.

• Physical criteria
For the professional part of (Icares Professional). Icares optional also processes physical criteria. The instrument Physical Criteria is a list with physical, mental and environmental restrictions of wich people can suffer in relation to work, this information is only used to promote proper matching between a client and their (new) employer. The data is never used for research and is never provided to external parties without legal grounds or court decisions.

The Purpose and basis on which we process personal data

Icares prosesses personal data for the following reasons:

• To offer the possibility to create an account
• To provide appropiate settings for the tests (for example display test results based on the level of education, preferred language etc.) Conducting research within the framework of test standards and analysis.
• Conducting research into topics concerning education and study choice (only Icares Study part)
• Informing educational organizations about the users of the portal (only Icares Study part)
• Contacting you when necessary in order to provide our services (only relevant for Icares Professional)
The bases for processing can be qualified as:

• Permission of the person involved
• Necessity to execute an agreement (Icares Professional)


How long we store personal data

Because studying, learning and working is a lifelong process, the content of your account can be of value for a longer period of time, therefore we primarily use an unlimited time to store your personal data. When your account is inactive for more than 9 years, we will automatically close the account. Once your account is closed, all personal data are deleted from our databases. In case we receive a request to change/delete personal data, we will of course make sure this is done as soon as possible, at the latest within 30 days (4 weeks) after we received the request at:

Share personal data with third parties

Sharing personal data with third parties is only applicable to users of Icares Study. Icares shares personal data if necessary with various third parties (educational organizations and research agencies) and if necessary for the execution of a (license) agreement, or to comply with any legal obligation. With companies that process your personal data in our assignment, we conclude a processor agreement to ensure the same level of security and confidentiallity of data. Under strict conditiopns, Icares also provides personal data, after you have given permission, to other third parties. The sharing of personal does not apply to professional users of our software and associated clients. Data can, for example, be shared with educational organizations and research agencies. Permission can be withdrawn at any time by means of a request via:

Permissions for users of

1. When registering we ask you to agree with this privacy statement and disclaimer, so we can save your data in order to create an account.

2. When registering we ask your permission to share your data for purposes of analysis and research ( only Icares Study users).

Icares wants to work in a socially responsible way. Icares wants to contribute to optimizing the educational offer in the Netherlands and abroad. To this end, Icares cooperates annually with the National Study Choice Reasearch, carried out by Markteffect. The personal details of Icares Study are used for respondents’ approach.

3. When registering we ask you permission to share your data with educational organizations (only Icares Study).

When educational organizations have a license agreement with Icares, they would like to know who might be interested in following a course (they offer). If you have registered yourself on a portal of an educational organization affiliated with Icares, we would like to inform them about interested students. With the personal data they can inform you by e-mail. For example to invite you for an open day.

4. When registering we ask you permission to email you our newsletter (only users of Icares Professional.



In addition there are analytical cookies (for google analytics) that do not infringe on your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit this website. The cookies we use are necessary for the technical operation of the website and your ease of use. They ensure that the website works properly and, for example, remembers your preferences. It is also necessay to optimize our website. You can opt out of cookies by setting your browser so that it does no longer store cookies. In addition, you can also delete all information previously saved via the settings of your browser. If you do not accept cookies this may have consequences for the operation of the website.

Click behaviour

On the website of Icares, general visitor data is stored, such as the most requested pages, without indentifying those visitors. The purpose of this is, amongst other things, to optimize the layout of the website. This data can also be used to show more specific information on the site. In this way, Icares can further optimize its services.

View, modify or delete data

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the data processing or to object the processing of your personal data by Icares. A request for access, correction or deletion as well as a request for for cancellation of your consent or objection to the processing of your personal data can be sent Icares wants to be sure that the request for access is done by you. That is why we ask you to send the request from the e-mail address that is linked to your Icares account. This is also to protect your privacy. An exception to this is a request from parents / guardians of a minor for which they are legally responsible. Icares will respond as soon as possible, but no later than four weeks, on the request. Icares would also like to point out that you have the possibility to file a complaint with the national supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This can be done via the following link: Keep in mind that deleting personal data may have consequences for the operation of your account on

How we protect personal data

The first security ring lies with you as a user. Make sure you keep your login details (username and password) secret to others. But of course we also keep an eye on things to ensure that you data is safe. Icares takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropiate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unautorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. For example, a daily backup is made of all data, the data are stored securely on servers within the European Union and passwords are stored unreadable. If you have the impression that your details are not properly secure or there are indications of abuse, please contact:

About this Privacy Statement

Icares reserves the right to chane this privacy statement. The most up-to-date version of this privacy statement can be found on our website.

Questions or Remarks?

If there is information that raises questions or is incorrect, please contact Icares. Icares is always open to questions or comments about inaccuracies or improvements.